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The tutoring sessions have been a miracle for my child. Their methodology towards teaching has allowed my son to finally excel in Science and Math for the first time in years since he started High School. I highly recommend their programs to any parent looking for a change to occur in their child’s grades. Thank you!

— Jenny F. —

About Empire Tutoring

Many students lose interest in learning due to consistent difficulties encountered in the traditional school setting, where many critical issues remain unresolved. Some pupils reportedly feel shy about expressing their concerns when surrounded by the presence of others. Setbacks occur primarily due to the lack of one-on-one attention between teachers and students and the limited availability of modern teaching methods. Empire Tutoring came into prominence in order to directly address these issues. We pride ourselves in finding the most suitable teaching methods and tools in order to make the process of studying more enjoyable and exciting. With time, students can gain a greater interest in their coursework, whether it is Math, Science, English, or the Social Studies, resulting in better performance within a short period of time.



What Are The Advantages of Tutoring Services in NYC?

Consistent exposure to quality tutoring services in NYC is the best way to learn academic coursework. Our qualified teachers can readily answer concerns and inquiries that students may have in a way that is unique, fast, and effective. All our students also receive one-on-one attention in the form of private, in-home tutoring that is personalized according to the unique needs of the student. There is no longer a need to fight with difficult Math problems, or struggle with the many intricacies of the English language, Empire Tutoring NYC is committed to providing our students with instant feedback that always ensures that our students stay on track.


The tutoring sessions always begin with specific tests and quizzes to locate any current deficiencies and potential problems in the student’s learning processes. Our NYC tutors will quickly catch the problem areas and find creative ways to fix them. Best of all, our NYC tutoring services take place in the convenience of the student’s home at a much more affordable rate than you’d have to pay to visit a center. All of our tutors are certified to teach according to the highest industry standards for their respective disciplines. Some of the skills you will master as a student of our tutoring services in NYC are more effective time management, mastering study skills, helping to manage stress, effective reading & note taking as well as test preparation.


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What Others Have Said About Empire Tutoring

  • My SAT score skyrocketed 120 points under Sharon’s tutelage.  I had the most difficulty with the writing section, but after only a couple sessions, I was getting consistent 800s.  Not only was their method effective, but also stress-free.  I never minded going to study with her and I was never over burdened with work and practice tests, yet my scores improved more than those of my friends who were incredibly stressed while studying for the SAT.  I would recommend Empire to anyone looking for an SAT tutor!

    — Amy W. —
  • This is an excellent coaching service!! We had our daughters take their free assessment test. The friendly tutor put the girls at ease right away. It was a thorough test which highlighted their level, strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended!

    — Manoja R. —
  • I would recommend Empire Tutoring  to any parent whose child needs help in their studies. Since my son has started going to Empire Tutoring he has excelled in all of his subjects. They care about  children’s futures and makes them want them to excel in life. I can’t stop thanking them for all the work they have done for my child. They are the best!

    — Alec L. —

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